We believe that the strongest way to assure healthy child development is to ensure the quality of relationships each child has in the critical early years with parents, caregivers and nurturing adults.

FamilyACCESS strengthens families and the community by providing programs that nurture child development, promote effective parenting skills, and support working parents. In doing so, we actively engage a racially, economically, and culturally diverse population.

Our well-integrated programs, led by experienced and passionate directors, open the doors to improved parenting skills for new and/or young parents, stronger family attachments, and increased early literacy and language skills:

FamilyACCESS Early Learning Center
FamilyACCESS Counseling and Consultation Services
FamilyACCESS Early Literacy Services
CAP | Child Assault Prevention

Our approach is shaped by the Touchpoints Approach developed by Dr. T. Berry Brazelton from Boston Children’s Hospital, which focuses on relationships between the child, parent and teacher. This model has been evaluated in health care, early education and care, public health home visiting, and parent support programs throughout the United States with significant positive outcomes.

Lacey Mallett

Administrative Coordinator

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